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 Travel Backpack

Banana Backpack Packing List Shop

If you're socially-conscious traveler, take a look at Banana Backpacks. It's a small company started by backpackers for backpackers, with packs that are intelligently designed and ethically manufactured to fit all your traveling needs. Seriously, we each have a backpack and they are great!

Each backpack purchased supports a young Cambodian student to have two meals a day for a year. It's a great company supporting a great cause.

The best part is they don’t cost much more than a regular backpack. If you use the code "TWStravel", you'll get 10% your purchase at Banana Backpacks.


Canon PowerShot G7x Shop Photography

If you’re looking for a starter camera that takes great photos and stable videos, this Canon PowerShot G7x Digital Camera is for you. We have recommended this camera to so many friends and they love it.

iPhone XS Shop Travel Gear

This phone is perfect for any traveler wanting great pictures. The dual camera creates stunning portrait mode shots that has DSLR quality in just a smartphone.


Pro tip: Make sure to order extra batteries, especially if you plan on taking lots of video. Trust us, it stinks when your battery dies when you’re in an epic place.


Looking to better your photography skills before your vacation?

Check out our Easy and Creative Photography Tips to get your skills up to speed.


 Travel Electronics

Anker Battery Charger Shop Travel Gear

Never let your batteries die again! This portable battery pack is a lifesaver on long bus rides or multi-day hikes. It can recharge your smartphone up to 7 times!


Pro Tip: wrap your cords in Velcro to keep them organized. Or even better, leather straps with buttons.


Traveling with a ton of electronics can be a little nerve-racking.

Make sure not to leave home without the prefect travel insurance for you.


 Travel Gear


Save space and keep your clothes organized in your bag at all times. We never leave home without packing cubes.

Not all packing cubes are made equal. We’ve tried many types over the years, but our Eagle Creek packing cubes have lasted us 6+ years of travel (and still going strong)!

Hydro Flask in a Waterfall Shop Travel Gear

Keep your water ice cold on a hot day. Hydro Flask water bottles have been our go-to for years and they keep coming out with fun new products, like tumblers, coffee mugs and growlers!


Pro Tip: Try your best to bring a long travel gear that is lightweight, multi-purpose and packs up small. Try not to pack anything you can easily replace at your destination.

Rule of Thumb: If you can get it within 20 minutes and for under $20, you don’t need to pack it along.


 Women’s Travel Clothes


The most versatile travel item in your bag. Is it a beach cover-up? Is it a towel? Is it a picnic blanket? The answer is YES!


There tons more items on our long-term packing list, so be sure to take a peek at that.


 Women’s Toiletries

Solid Shampoo Travel Gear Shop

Not only do solid shampoos cut down on the weight of your backpack, the they last forever and pack up small. Oh, and handling less liquids at the airport is always a plus.

Toiletries Bag Travel Gear Shop

This is my favorite travel toiletries bag ever! It unfolds and hangs up so you can access everything at once. One pocket is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about leaks and it packs up pretty small.


We love to traveling with solids not only because we don’t have to keep them in our liquids bag for airport security, but it also cuts down on the amount of plastic we use.

Check out other ways to reduce the amount of plastic you use every day


 Men’s Travel Clothes

Chacos Hiking Sandals

These are our go-to shoes for any hike. Yes, we get funny looks that we’re hiking in sandals, but they are seriously the best. Chaco are super grippy, really comfy and you never have worry about getting your shoes wet!

 Men’s Toiletries

Reef-Safe Sunscreen Travel Gear Shop

It’s becoming well known that common sunscreens have toxic chemicals that harm marine life. If you ever go in to the ocean, be sure to wear only reef-safe sunscreen. It stays on longer and works much better in our opinion (and Ben’s a ginger so he knows his sunscreen!)


Can you notice a trend for all theses? Solids are the way to go because they reduce the need for plastic.

Find out other ways to make your packing list eco-friendly


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